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FIlming At Emerald M Farm


Filming on an Alaskan Glacier
At Steinbrenner Field, Tampa, FL
For Fox News at the 2016 Democratic Convention
Phil Celli
Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA



These days, anyone with a few dollars can buy a decent camera and bill themselves as a video professional. While the picture itself will look good, the story content will lack the structure and storytelling that only an experienced Broadcast Video professional can provide. Phil Celli is a video professional that brings a passion for storytelling to every project. A television career that began as a production assistant at a small cable company in 1986, now enters its 31st year.  With stops as a staff Photographer at  the NBC and FOX affiliates in Tampa Bay and multiple awards for Videography, Phil founded Pro Focus Video in 2002. With Network News assignments ranging from Space Shuttle launches, major Hurricanes and Presidential elections, Phil has driven the State of Florida a thousand times over. However, it’s a love of Storytelling that has brought Phil to the world of Non-Profit Fundraising videos. Many non-profits have entrusted Phil to tell their stories, as well as the stories of their clients. It’s Phil’s commitment to quality and compassion that makes Pro Focus Video a first call when an organization is looking for an experienced Video Professional. 



Our Clients run the full spectrum of Broadcast Media to Corporate to Non-Profits. 
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